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The adoption process doesn't take long. When you find a companion that you think would suit you and your family's needs and life style, you will be asked a few questions to see if the cat's personality and likes/dislikes suit yours too! At Divine Hearts Rescue, we dont just adopt out cats to adopt them out. We like to adopt our cats out to home that we know is well suited for them! While cats, especially kittens are incredibly cute, they do grow old and fat, they do shed, and they do make their own indention on your couch! Many people adopt a cat based on impulse, 2 weeks later, they return the cat with some silly excuse, leaving the cat depressed and in need of re-habilitation... again. To prevent that, we have a screening proccess we go through while you interact with the cat. Don't be nervous! we simply watch how the cat reacts to you, see if your personalities are compatable, and check to make sure you aren't getting an allergic reaction. Many people will say that they are not allergic to the cat, only later to return him because they thought they would be fine. Before you come meet the kitties, we have prepared a list of things we look for, and things that will send a red flag to void the adoption process. 


1. We WILL NOT adopt out to anyone who is unsure if they are allergic to cats. Sometimes it may take a week to discover that you are. It wouldn't be fair to  bring a cat home, just to return it. Cats ARE NOT something you can just buy and return.

2. We WILL NOT adopt to those who are not 21 and older without a household consent. It happens all the time that an 18-20 year old will adopt a cat with the best of intents, only to toss him/her to the side because they made other plans for their life that doesn't include their beloved cat. Before you adopt a cat, think about what you plan to do in life. If you have a baby, will you say you don't have time for your cat? (doesn't take but 5 minutes a day) when you decide you want to move into a new apartment, are you willing to pay, yet another, pet deposit? When you finally find the right person and they are allergic to cats, will you forget your prior commitment to Kitty and throw her out? 

3. We WILL NOT adopt out a cat to persons with kids that are too rough with kitty. Children must understand that they muct wait for Kitty to come to them. They must demonstrate for us that they know how to properly hold Kitty. All too often, parents choose to ignore their child's obnoxious behavior that scares kitty. Of course, years later, they complain because their kitty doesn't like people, doesn't come out, and they don't want her anymore. 

4. We Will NOT adopt to anyone who lives in an apartment that has not payed their pet deposit. We will call to verify with the apartment to assure they are pet friendly and that Kitty is welcome. 

5. We WILL NOT adopt to anyone who intends to use Kitty as a barn cat. Our fosters don't train them to be mouse hunters, and they are not outside cats. 

6. Declawing a cat is forbidden.


Ready To Adopt!?

If you are ready to welcome a new member to your family, please read and print out our adoption agreement/contract! Bring it with you when you are ready to meet the kitties in person! Adopting a cat is a very rewarding adventure!

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