Thank you for contacacting our rescue! We are excited to do our part for the community, but it does require your help. While many people may believe our surrender policy might be harsh or unusual, we have them so we can do more for our comunity and maintain an organized rescue. Lets go over just a few highlights of our surrender policies and why they are critical.


1. We are a feline only rescue. We do not rescue dogs, birds, reptiles, wildlife, or any other animals.


2. We run purely off of available space and fosters. We are not a shelter and we are not required to take any animal in. Our rescue believes that shelters are for strays to be brought into or otherwise abandoned pets and that it is the rescue's job to pull animals from the shelter that are either on death row, or otherwise in need. When a rescue takes every animal, like we wish we could, an animal that otherwise could have been saved in the shelter dies.


3. Due to our very limited space, and recources, we require a pet surrender fee. We understand that many animals that are brought to us are stray and that you are doing your best to find a great rehoming organization to help. But, every animal brought in requires food, shots, 'fixing', flea treatment, other medicines, deworming... So therefore we have to start charging a surender fee. The fee for stray animals is $30 while the fee for unfixed pets is $50 and fixed pets $20. Pet fees are 'negotiable'.


4. Every animal surrendered requires you to fill out a surrender agreement form. This gives us any knowledge you may have about the stray or pet.